Engelberg 2016 – Day 8

Almost a week after getting back and I have finally had the chance to write a post about my last day in Engelberg. This week I have been busy working mainly and catching up on TV and YouTube, I have also been to the cinema to make use of my Cineworld Unlimited Card as I haven’t used it in quite a while so the blog has been on the back-burner. Anyway, onto how my last day in Engelberg was:

Well first off, the weather was beautiful! Some clouds but mainly sun all day. First thing in the morning a lot of the lifts were closed due to wind however the majority opened by the end of the day and I think I skied the most I did in one day (35.85km).

I also got a chance to go on Aelplerseil, a tiny little 8 person cable car tucked away on the run down to the village, which I hadn’t done in a very long time.

Ended up doing a full ski day before heading to the hotel and packing everything into the douchebags ready to head to the train station. Managed to get all the bags and myself into a gondola and get down to the valley but we missed our intended train so had a drink in the sun which I can’t really complain about. The village was bathed in glorious sunshine and nice and warm so an hour waiting wasn’t much of a hardship.

The village and lower slopes were looking rather green as we left and there was evidence of the warm weather impacting the snow pack at higher elevations too so I was not too bothered about leaving when we did:

However the most annoying part about leaving then after a week of fairly slushy snow and a green valley is the fact it started snowing again this week!

All in all Engelberg this year was amazing as always, especially on my new DPS Wailers, I might even have to get some more DPS skis…

DSC_0485 1



Engelberg 2016 – Day 7

Well today probably ranks highly as one of the worst days I have had in Engelberg in terms of skiing! The weather today looks fairly good on the webcams until you go outside and realize just how windy it is. Last night the wind was apparently over 120km/h and has only died down a little meaning none of the lifts could be opened today and if they did open first thing they were closed again by 1030. Because of this I have done a total of one run and that was through slush down to the village where it was 15degrees; before coming back to the hotel and sitting in the bar for the rest of the day playing cards and relaxing, which is where I am writing this rather early post from now.

One of the only lifts that was open bringing all the chairs in at 1030…

The village was also looking rather green so I will not be surprised if the run down is closed tomorrow!

Map showing what lifts are open (everything below Trübsee is a beginner slope and extremely slushy):

Map Closed


Engelberg 2016 – Day 6

I feel like everyone of the posts so far this week has mainly been about the weather but I can’t really help it as it has such an impact on the conditions. So, today’s weather…much better compared to yesterday as we could actually see but still fairly hazy.

Didn’t rush out too early today but got a fair amount of skiing in but it was very warm so the snow was already going mushy and gluey before midday and that was above 2000m! Did manage one run down to the village which was fun but didn’t make me want to go again.

We had lunch up at the pizzeria in the top station on Titlis today which was nice, a change from my usual ritual of Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch everyday. It also gave me a chance to look out over the mountains on the non-skiing side of Titlis. I did take a bit of a tumble on the way down after but walked away unlike at Christmas.

The haziness did clear up a little towards the end of the day although it is now just ridiculously windy again! Only two more days left before I head home so I am hoping for either loads of unexpected snow or some beautiful blue skies but we will have to wait and see.


Engelberg 2016 – Day 5

Clouds…lots and lots of clouds

So unlike yesterday I woke up to a bit of a different view, or lack there of for that matter. Today was a compete whiteout when I got up, that meant a nice and leisurely breakfast before eventually heading out and going to the very top to see if it was any better, it wasn’t, although it did start to clear at times.

The wind was not helping at all and you would suddenly go from fairly clear to nothing in less than a minute and vice versa!

After a whole 4.69km of skiing, and feeling like I had half a clouds worth of moisture on my goggles and helmet, my dad and I decided to go and join my mum and brother in the valley for a relaxing day at Eienwäldli.

After a good soak we headed back up the mountain for lunch and found that it had cleared up some what.

So after a short lunch we headed out again hoping for some better luck! And we were indeed lucky, managed to get to the top to see a beautiful temperature inversion. As expected the snow was really good until we hit about 2000m and it just turned to mush.

DSC_0384 1

In total I managed 11.33km of skiing today in less than 3hours which isn’t too bad considering the conditions and compared to last week in VT where on similar days I managed 3.59km and 0km I am pretty happy. The fact that it did clear up helped but now it has closed in again so I can only hope tomorrow is better.


Engelberg 2016 – Day 4

When you wake up to this you are pretty sure what to expect for the rest of the day:

And Engelberg didn’t disappoint, atleast for the first part of the day:

However the weather did not want to cooperate and decided to cloud over and darken and brighten repeatedly all thanks to the ridiculous wind, sometimes 70km/h plus!

But all in all it was another good day, managed to get the last lift up to Titlis to make the most of the good snow higher up, avoiding the sludge below 2000/2300m.

DSC_0471 1

I also found out that there is also a whole floor in the top station on Titlis colour coded to my skis…

DSC_0461 1


Engelberg 2016 – Day 3

Today was pretty fun although I did finish a little early, at 3, due to the snow turning to glue and not being very enjoyable but that is what you get when you are skiing at Easter! Only started tracking my skiing 45 minutes after I actually started and then my phone died at about quarter to three so I am fairly sure I did more than the 14.42km it says I did…I also hit a top speed of 94km/h which isn’t too bad.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to a dusting of fresh snow, just a few centimeters but it made today a lot of fun especially after the weather cleared up.

Got a chance to go down Steinberg which was lovely at the top as seen in my Instagram clip:

But the snow got a lot heavier as I went down as well as firmer but it was still a lot of fun! Here is the raw footage from the whole of Steinberg, I still haven’t put any stickers or GoPro mounts on my new helmet so decided my dad could wear the GoPro instead:

The person in white at the end that my dad talks to is a local legend know as Snowflake and it is well worth watching the video DPS did with him as part of the Shadow Campaign this season:

On a side note Ross from Entirety posted some photos from VT last week which are awesome, I don’t feature in many thankfully but am quite pleased with one that I do:


Engelberg 2016 – Day 2

After a fairly late start I got a good amount of skiing in for Engelberg (32.44km) and hit a few sections of off piste however the snow conditions aren’t exactly great, it was snowing this evening though so there is still hope! Annoyingly my phone was playing up so a lot of the photos from today are out of focus or wonky (but that is my fault).

This morning the weather was patchy with some blue sky then just grey clouds but I did get some ‘fresh’ tracks in a section of off piste

DSC_0388 1

Then this afternoon the snow got a little slushy but it was still good fun but it never really cleared up.

Not really much to say today but lots of pictures so I hope that compensates for the lack of text, after all a picture is worth 100o words…apparently.


Engelberg 2016 – Day 1

So before I get back to watching the 40+ videos I have a back log of on YouTube from last week I thought I would write a little post about my first day back in Engelberg after a year and get the daily blogs going again!

DSC_0326 1

Having flown on a very empty flight to Basel Mulhouse yesterday we stayed overnight at the airport before getting the train this morning. Ended up getting to Engelberg just before twelve and once everything was sorted out and after meeting up with Sophie I was out skiing just after 2.

Engelberg being a small resort, I manged to cover pretty much the whole pisted area this afternoon but didn’t touch on much of the off piste considering it was the first day and I didn’t have any equipment with me. Compared to last week in VT the weather wasn’t the greatest, overcast for most of the day, but the visibility was good for the majority of the time so it was still enjoyable with the sun breaking out later in the afternoon.

It was amazingly empty for a bank holiday but that made it all the more fun.

I enjoyed seeing the new lift for the first time that was under construction last year:

DSC_0374 1

Finished the day with a lovely sunset lighting up the peaks:



Val Thorens and Engelberg

Although my plan was a daily blog while away that didn’t really happen last week, VT with Leeds Snowriders was a bit much to say the least!! I am now sat in a fairly busy Manchester Airport departure lounge on the way to Engelberg with my family so will hopefully be more capable at blogging this week.

Annoyingly I didn’t take many pictures at all while in VT, another reason no post were written, but it was awesome to say the least! 36km average skiing per day and that includes one day with 3.6km skied and one day I didn’t ski at all so I definitely got a good amount done and covered most of the three valleys. Top speed was 117km/h which isn’t my greatest but quite good considering I smashed my head at Christmas skiing.

Had some fun filming with Ross from Entirety Labs so I am looking forward to seeing what comes from that, here is a short video he did while out in VT with us.

And that is about it, now I just have to sit here and wait for my plane and eventually skiing tomorrow in Engelberg. Looking forward to seeing Sophie again, haven’t seen her for over six months and not skied with her since this time last year so it will be nice to catch up.


Busy but not busy

I know my blog has been lacking lately, the last post was on the 04/01/2016 so over 2 months ago now and I would like to say a lot has happened since then but, as the title suggests, not much really has…I have just had a huge amount of uni work and deadlines, a few things have happened with Snowriders, more on that later, and that is about it, oh and it snowed in Leeds twice. My project (a few parts shown below) is now getting somewhere and I am getting on top of my deadlines so I thought I would do a blog post.

So first of an update about my car situation, as I think I have mentioned previously, my brother is now 17 and learning to drive therefore in a few weeks the Audi is going home for him to practice in meaning I will be left car less although hopefully not for too long (scheming to get something for my 21st in June).

Secondly my bike situation; as you may have seen, over Christmas I managed to hit my head pretty hard smash my helmet while skiing. Due to this I decided it would be sensible to start wearing a helmet while cycling too, something I hadn’t done for a good few years, so I bought myself a POC Crane Pure helmet. While I was getting that I also decided to get some new cycling shoes as I had changed my pedals over from flats with straps to cleats and my road shoes were not exactly the best for walking around uni. Therefore, I decided to get some Specialized 2FO shoes which I am now wearing on a daily basis! I have also applied for a job as a Deliveroo Courier and had fun cycling around in circles up and down the new car park by the gym at uni.


POC Crane Pure


Specialized 2FO

Uni Car Park:

Finally, Snowriders. Well the Val Thorens Easter Trip went live at the start of the term and I got a place so from next Friday (18/03/2016) expect a daily past as I have done previously and then the following week I am in Engelberg so more posts and more skiing. This term there have been a few Snowriders events, the largest being our own festival (First Tracks) which we hosted at Beaver Works in Leeds and was an awesome afternoon with a Jib followed by night of fun. We have also had BUiSC finals, a round of Kings and a few trips to Top Gun.

Conditions in Engelberg today:

I have also seen a few films (Deadpool, Grimsby and Triple 9 to name a few) and I think that covers everything really, back up to speed and hopefully I will be back to more regular posting soon.