My Cars

As of July I now own two cars, a Toyota MR2 Mk2 and a VW Polo, the Polo is my own and the Toyota is shared by my flat mate and co-blogger on my other blog. Sadly I have a black-box in the polo so haven’t been able to drive it to vigorously but the MR2 on the other hand is a completely different story! Being a mid-engine, rear-wheel 2 seat car it is a joy to drive, it was bought on eBay for £650 and since then we have slowly been working on it to get as many of the lost horses back as we can.


Engine bay before removing the heatshield and exhaust manifold, the mid-section (aka downpipe) has also been replaced.


New exhaust manifold gasket.


Paint chips on the spoiler side panel which have now been repaired.

When doing the work the car had to be moved while the manifold was still off so here is a video of the engine bay after we placed the manifold back on due to the flames emitted!

I have also do a little work on the Polo but nothing to the extent of that on the MR2.


Wing mirror replacement after having it smashed off parked outside my flat at uni.

Headlight repair and bumper removal.


I was also given a new plate for the Polo too, sadly my dad has PR05 SOR so I had to settle for 04 and my mum now has 03!


The selection of stickers plastered to the back.


Here are their websites if you want to take a look:

Leeds Snowriders

Black Label Project


Bro! Clothing


Smith Optics

Sadly the GoPro one has been removed but will be soon replaced by a “douchebags coming through” from douchebags:


I have also no put a Gumball 3000 ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ sticker on too as well as a putting an orange OG Gumball sticker on the MR2.

Gumball 3000



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