New Plates

So it was a very slow day after the social last night! Finally got out of bed at about 5 to head to get new plates ordered for the MR2. Ordered a standard UK plate for the back, as it has a UK rear bumper fitted, and a large import plate for the front (330mm x 178mm) to fit on the bracket originally found on the car. Will hopefully recieve this in the next week and they will be what I ordered, there seemed to be a bit of a complication as to whether the option that was available on the screen was infact that with a Euro GB emblem on the plate!

While out I also went for a short drive and topped up the tank ready for the road trip tomorrow. So the plan for tomorrow is to blast over to the Trafford Centre and go to the Gumball Get Together that is being hosted at Krispy Kreme. Really looking forward to this and will hopefully see some exotic cars while we are there; will get as many photos as possible to upload when I get back but will also post them on my instagram, which sadly is empty at the moment as I deleted my last account.



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