Gumball Get Together, Manchester

Just back from the get together over in Manchester at Krispy Kreme. Some amazing cars there, lots of GTR’s, a few R8’s and some AMG Mercedes. Took a few pictures of my favourites, mainly the imports and British made cars. Got to see one of my favourite cars of all time the Ultima GTR along with a Noble M12 GTO; also saw 3 imported Mustangs, one of which was a Shelby.

The most exciting but stomach turning part of the whole day were the two crashes:

1st – this was a Jaguar XFR-S that lost control on a drift and smashed the nose straight into a bush leading to the tail spinning round and busting the wishbone on the rear right.


You can’t see the damage too well in that one without zooming in but the front splitter was smashed and the whole bumper was scratched.

20140928_102052_Android 20140928_102853_Android

These two show the displacement of the rear right after the crash.

The police turned up and we believe they gave the guy 6 points and the car was towed away and will possibly be written off.

2nd – a Mercedes E63 that also lost control on a drift but this one went straight into a sign post on the pavement, wrapping it’s self around it, on the way out to go home!

(Leave a comment if I got anything wrong and I will correct it.)

Will try and find the videos of these and post them later.

So here are the photos from today, as you will notice all but 2 are either imports or British made, this is not a fair reflection of the variety there but these were the ones that I prefered!

20140928_093003_Android 20140928_093643_Android 20140928_093756_Android 20140928_094322_Android20140928_094357_Android 20140928_095036_Android 20140928_095519_Android 20140928_100539_Android 20140928_105046_Android 20140928_105110_Android 20140928_105227_Android 20140928_113250_Android  20140928_114601_Android 20140928_115852_Android 20140928_120121_Android 20140928_123314_Android 20140928_104126_Android 20140928_105021_Android 20140928_113338_Android

This has a sweet hydraulic suspension and could be lowered to millimeters off the ground.

Have always wanted a Ultima, expecially when they can be picked up for less that £50,000 sometimes even less:


There are currently 2 on autotrader at the moment, both Can-Am’s not GTR’s but still amazing, here is my favourite but the more expensive of the two.



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