Course Start, MR2 Plans

So today I started the 2nd year of my course with the first proper lectures, as expected it was very slow and not very interesting really so not much to talk about. All we had was a Design and Manufacture intro lecture previewing the plans for the rest of the year and a Mechatronics lecture with a similar purpose plus some GCSE level physics (circuits and current). Therefore I thought I would blog about something a little more interseting like the plans for the car (MR2).

So plans for the MR2; it will be in Leeds over the winter and at the moment we are in talks with the Landlords about being allowed to put a cover on it as we are meant to have a permit on display which is a bit annoying. But anyway we intend to do a coolant change at some point before it gets too cold, main problem with it being a mid-engined car is that there are about 13L of coolant to drain and refill. We also need to look at the front right brake and calliper as well as hub due to a squealling noise at times, we also have new brake pads that we need to fit to all brakes. And as I have already said we are waiting on new plates to fit. Then I want to do a conversion on the frunk (front boot/spare wheel bay) to turn it into a proper boot with a new lining and gas pistons on the bonnet. So there are a few of the plans for the MR2 among a large list I have to get through hopefully.



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