Armada Oil & Water Tour

So I am just back from Castleford for the Oil & Water Tour, was sweet to see the guys and get some signed posters to put up with my signed Inspired Demo Tour poster. Saw a few of the snowriders there shredding too, will keep my eye out for a possible edit from tonight by the Armada guys as there seemed to be a small film crew with them!

These are the new posters, one signed by each, there is also a portrait poster on the back of on of them.

20140930_215705_Android 20140930_215733_Android 20140930_215754_Android

Here is my Demo Tour signed poster:


After that I decided I wanted to go for a blast in the MR2 and ended up doing a 90mile route back to the flat from Castleford, going through Worksop and bombing up the M1.

Screenshot (120)

Finding that route has reminded me of another route I have saved that I want to do, that is a road trip next summer to Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium.




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