MR2 Work Done

Sat in the back of a lecture at the moment, quite interesting actually, having talks by students who have just come back from years in industry/placements which is something I am quite interested in. But anyway I feel like posting some of the work that we have done on the MR2 over the summer. So these are some of the minor modifications/fixes we have done to the MR2:

New gear gaitor as the previous one was absoluely shredded!


We decided to get new white dash dials to replace the stock black ones but still need to get some blue back lights for it as we are still using the original yellow/white bulbs.

IMG-20140719-WA0000 IMG-20140722-WA0000

I had to do a little fix on one of the roof seals, common fault found over time and wear on the seals and an easy fix, all that was needed was a small amount of silicone that I placed around the mating surface to fill it in and stop the constant drip when there was heavy rain or motorway driving.


Another fairly important fix we did was to replace the 4th cylinders HT lead, as you can just about see in the photo, the left lead (original) doesn’t have the electrode in as it was stuck to the spark plug and was not forming a good connection with the lead and so the engine was not running quite properly. We replaced it with a used lead form MR2 Ben who is an MR2 specialist and scrappy (currently has about 50 or so MR2’s he is breaking) so we have picked up a lot of knowledge and parts from him since getting the car.


So yeah, that some of the work we have done over the summer with photos! Almost the end of the lecture now, been quite interesting with some good insite into some companies and how much a year in inductry can help; I am still trying to work out exactly what I want to go into after my course or what companies I want to work with so need to get round to looking.



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