Windsurfing/Sailing Social

Just in from the Windsurfing social, started as drinks in Terrace but ended up heading to Halo for the rest of the night, really nice to meet all the new people and this years commity, looking forward to some good trips and will hopefully get use of the work van to transport all the society kit around to have a better choice/quality of kit; very tempted to join the Sailing society too which would be fun.

It was two of my flat mates birthdays today so dragged Charlie out to Halo; got to see a few friends and old house mates out which was sweet and have a nice brief catch-up. Now it is off to bed to recover for tomorrow, luckily I have no lectures until 1 and then no plans til I am driving to the the Armada Oil & Water Tour at Castleford, going with a mate who also isn’t skiing to meet up and get autographs etc from Mike Hornbeck and co.

Have done quite a few updates today but no photos so will try and get some photos of the Armada crew tomorrow along with some of the park session and will also upload some older photos too if I get the chance!



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