JP Auclair and Oil & Water Photos

Missed doing a blog yesterday so posting about two related topics today; first Armada have released some photos here for you to look at from the last few stops of their tour, will keep an eye out as to whether they are doing a film.

But the more important topic from yesterday that is still sinking into the ski community is the death of JP Auclair! I currently have this wallpaper on my laptop as a tribute to him.


He is one of three who have died in avalanches recently; Andreas Fransson and Liz Daley being the other two, Andreas was JP’s partner on their trip to Patagonian filming for their first film project together, Apogee Skiing. If you need more details have a read of the article on the Teton Gravity Research site.

So yeah, I am now starting my last lecture of the day finally! Busy day on Thursdays but it has actually been productive and interesting. I also heard that my mum now owns a Mazda MX5 so will try and get some photos and details about that to blog about and see how it compares to the MR2.



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