Slow Day

Having a very slow day today, slept till about 11 and have been sat in bed watching films ever since, not feeling too productive. Started making a list of things I want to buy with all the money I don’t have at the moment, really need a job! The list currently consists of a Sony DSC-QX10 to see if I can get some better quality photos than those taken at the moment as I am stuck with my phone camera (Sony Z1 Compact). I also want a new douchebag bag (unnecessary and expensive I know) to add to my collection, 2 x Hugger 35L and 1 x Hugger 60L, so I am looking at the new Base 15L model for the 14/15 season; not yet up on their site but it has been posted on a few retailers, Absolute Snow and Surfanic, but I am waiting until it is released on their site on the 15th of this month. Looking at the new douchebag models on the retailers sites I am not too keen on the ‘Pitch Black’ colour scheme (preferred the ‘Conservative Black’ from this year) but the new models they have created look excellent! They have reduced the Hugger 35L to 30L which I think will be a big improvement as I am currently using one of mine as an everyday bag but it is a bit on the large side. They have also introduced two new models, the Base 15L which I really like with a great spec (video from ISPO below) and a new smaller version of the original douchebag called the Slim Jim which is a single ski bag rather than a double and as always it is able to be rolled up completely for storage, my favourite feature on the douchebags ski bags.

Here are my 3 douchebags:


ISPO Video:

So now I am going to try and be productive by doing some work but have a feeling it won’t last long.



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