Amazing Weather

I only had 1 lecture today which isn’t too bad as it was nice and easy (Mechactronics, so basically GCSE Physics at the moment) and then I just chilled around the flat all afternoon avoiding the pouring rain that we have had all day, classic Yorkshire weather! Ended up spenting about 6 hours on GTA V and now have a lovely collection of matching cars: a Jester, Zentorno, Adder, Turismo R, Coquette Classic and a Pfister Comet; then I also have Franklin’s Character Cars (Buffalo S and Bagger) all in the same style; full spec with the primary colour as matte orange and secondary colour as matte black, will get photos of them tomorrow.

I am now contemplating going out but not really feeling it at the moment, it would only be to Halo which isn’t exactly an amazing night out but is something to do; however I may just head down to one of our neighbours flats and chill with them for the rest of the night.



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