Tax Discs

Finally got round to removing the tax disc and holder from the Polo today, will remove the MR2’s at some point soon too. I have always found them slightly annoying (probably due to my slight OCD) and seeing as we no longer need to display them, as of the first of this month, I decided it was time to remove it and make my windscreen symmetrical again! What I hadn’t considered however was how awkward the holder would be to remove; took me ages and ended up in tiny little piece of magnetic strip but I finally got it off so I am happy, the MR2 holder should be much easier as it was cheap and has a tendancy of falling off.

Polo without:


MR2 still with (for now!):


(Sorry for the awful light in the photos.)

That is about as productive I have been today. Managed to plan with Will when we each need the MR2 and I have got it for a weekend trip up to Edinburgh next month which will be amazing. Going to BUDS with the Snowriders for a weekend of madness.

So that’s about it for today, I have also now planned to go home in a few weeks to do some work on my mum’s MX5 so will get some photos of that asap.



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