Late Blog

I apologise for not blogging lately, not been very busy just haven’t got round to sitting down and typing up what’s happening as not much has really happened. Had a busy few days of lectures and that is about all I have done in the last 2 days; if it wasn’t lectures it was relaxing at home watching Netflix, I am watching the whole of Numb3rs until I can watch the new series of Arrow and The Flash which DC Comics have just released this week in America.

Walking around campus the other day I found someone else walking found in shorts and flip-flops so it turns out I am not the only person who wears shorts and flip-flops at this time of year!


I have also been going down to one of the flats next door a lot lately to chill with them, they have a new kitten called Rodney that is an absolute handful but great fun:


Went down the other night and can now say I have finally watch Pulp Fiction which until then I had never managed to finish, I can also say it is as everyone says.



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