New Brakes and Plates!

Finally got round to replacing the brake pads on the MR2 today, had them for a few months now. Took me and Will the best part of the day as they were unbelievably stubborn to remove and required us to go and get a piston compressor before we could continue but once we had that it was fairly easy.


We first did the front pads:

20141011_162948_Android20141011_162953_Android20141011_163058_Android20141011_164110_Android 20141011_164117_Android20141011_164951_Android

Then the rear pads:


Here are some pictures of the old pads:





And a comparison between the old and new pad thickness:


20141011_163201_Android20141011_173743_Android 20141011_174025_Android



As the title suggests I also got the new plates today! Finally able to have an original style import plate on the front and a plain plate on the back not one with a border etc. I also decided to have GB emblems printed on them as I have a few European road trips planned.


That’s it for today, going downstairs to chill in a while, not much planned for tonight just waiting for Will to get back as he is currently out driving at the moment.



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