Modball USA and a Change of Plans

Yesterday the Modball USA 2014 video was released which looks pretty sweet if you want to take a look here it is:

I have also had a slight change of plans in the last 12 hours; I got a call from my mum asking me to come back this weekend rather than next weekend to do work on her new (used) MX5 which means less time until I get to blog about it and hopefully seen what it is like compared to the MR2 myself! So really looking forward to that and thought I would give you a little teaser of it so have grabbed one of the photos from the sellers posting:


So it’s a MK2 MX5, I prefer the MK1 (on the left below) but that’s just my preference for flip-up lights.

Mazda MX5s

And speaking of preferences I must make some sort of comment about how strong my preference is towards the MK2 MR2, it’s just so much nicer and smoother than the MK1 and less of a ‘hairdressers’ car compared to the MK3 (middle in photos below).

MR2 Generations 1MR2 Generations 2

(These photos are not my own however I can’t find the originals to know who to give credit to.)

Which model of each do you guys prefer?



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