Just a quick update today, first off; Oakley have just released their new website! Definitely one of my favourite brands and worth a look. I also saw that they have a new set of goggles for this season, the Flight Deck, which look sweet and I can understand exactly why they chose that name. The look and concept seem very similar to the Canopy just with a lens mounted outside the fame like the Dragon NFX. This sounds perfect to me as it is a merge of the Canopy and NFX, both of which I have and both of which have their own pros and cons, so I think I will have to take a look at the Flight Deck.

Secondly I have just been sent a link for the Armada Oil & Water Movie online, worth checking out:

And finally; it was another windsurfing/sailing social last night at Bierkeller, very entertaining night and ended up spending about 5 hours and way too much money in there! Was planning on going to Warehouse after but as I didn’t get to Warehouse until 2am I wasn’t surprised they wouldn’t let me in. Picked up Georgia from Warehouse and took her home as she was completely smashed (to be honest I was not much better). Here are some pictures from Bierkeller, sorry for the awful quality:

20141015_223816_Android 20141015_225409_Android 20141015_225415_Android 20141015_234222_Android 20141015_234235_Android

So that’s about it for today, should probably start paying attention to my lecture now!



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