Just Home

Just got home from uni, nice to be able to relax and pretend you haven’t got any work as you are no longer ‘at uni’. I am only back for the weekend to see family etc. There were so many crashes on the motorway coming over; I drove back with Ben in the Polo (left the MR2 with Will as the mpg isn’t too good in comparison to the Polo so the trip ends up costing a fortune) and got him to take a few pictures of some cars we saw on the way, most noticeably a red MR2 MK2 and absolutely smashed van on a trailer:

Screenshot (133) Screenshot (135)

I also had an absolute disaster just before I left, one of my Douchebag Hugger 35L’s decided that one of the straps would break! Already sent them an email asking what can be done about it as I love the bags (as you have probably noticed from previous posts about them) and hope we can work something out about repairing/replacing it.

The damage to the Hugger 35L:

20141017_112848_Android 20141017_112854_Android 20141017_112900_Android 20141017_112913_Android

This wasn’t helped by having to email Oakley as well as I could not log onto my account on the new site, turns out as I hadn’t bought from the site, only the store near Chester my account had been deactivated but I have created a new account so I am happy now.

As I was coming home I decided to grab all my washing, sheets, towels, everything so had loads of bags and a bare room:

20141017_141139_Android 20141017_141104_Android

I had all my washing in my 60L Hugger and then had everything else I needed in a 35L Hugger. I also have my other 35L Hugger designated as my ‘driving bag’ with all of this in:

12V/USB Charger
AUX Cable
Breathalyser (Digital)
Breathalysers (Disposable)
Driving Licence Copy
GoPro + Mount
Gumball Stash
Insurance Copy MR2
Insurance Copy Polo
Mains/USB Charger
Micro Fibre Cloth
Note Pad
Phone Mount
Ratchet Strap
Reflective T-Shirt
Registration Copy MR2
Registration Copy Polo
Sparco Slalom SL-3
Tyre Pressure/Tread Gauge
USB Cable

I need to get a few extra things for it before I do any road trips abroad as there are mandatory things you must carry, so I still need:

Spare Bulbs
Warning Triangles
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Holts Tyreweld
Headlight Adaptors

Speaking of road trips the Gumball 3000 Autumn/Winter ’14 Collection went live today so I need to go and check that out and the Modball Rally Australia is in 8 days so I can’t wait to follow that.

That’s about it for now, had a quick look at the MX5 and will get it out of the garage tomorrow and taker some photos of it to put up, doesn’t look like too much work is needed really only a little bit of cosmetic damage from the previous owner.



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