So I finally have some pictures of the MX5, as I said it needs a little body work done to it but the engine seems to run very well, absolute bargain for £640!

Roof up:


Roof down:


Front, back and interior (roof down):


The main damage is to the front bumper where there are some cracks and also a patch on the bonnet where it has obviously be repaired:

20141018_133750_Android20141018_133756_Android 20141018_133801_Android

There are also scratches, scuffs and faded paint on the car but what would you expect for a 16 year old car?


In keeping with its age the roof is not in too good a shape but as it is only being used as a fun car (my mum has an Audi A1 as her daily driver) then we are not too worried but I may look into getting a hardtop for it.


So far I have only done two little jobs to it purely for driving comfort and aesthetics. It was bought with a steely on the front right (guessing the original was damaged in a bump or something) so we bought a full set of original wheels with legal tyres for £60 so I checked all the tyre pressures and tread depths and selected the best 4 for the car. We now have a nice stack of spares in the garage (steely on top):


The other piece of work I did was fit a radio as it was bought without one and had a huge hole in the central console. I used the radio from my Polo so have now ordered an identical one to refit into my Polo.


So that’s it for now, on the lookout for a new bumper but not in any rush, may pop down to Demon Tweeks to grab some mesh to fill the void where the original grill should be.

Also a big shout out to my flatmate and fellow blogger Emily for her first post on her baking blog Half Student, Half Cake, go and check it out, the baking is always amazing I am just annoyed I came home this weekend and missed out!



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