Car List

So this is the list of cars that I will hopefully own or have owned one day. Some of them aren’t that adventurous and others are most likely completely impossible! I am definitely a Toyota fan so at the moment I have 6 different Toyotas on the list of 13 cars. So here it is:


MR2 MK2 – This I already own and is my first step into a huge array of car categories: Import, Mid-engine, RWD and could also probably be classed as a convertible. At the moment I am unsure whether I will keep it or sell it and buy a new version, possibly a MK2 Rev5 (ours is a Rev2) but I think I will try and remain naturally aspirated for now.


Celica MK7 – My mum owned one of these when I was younger and I loved it, it has more seats and a reasonable boot compared to the MR2 while still having some of the driving pleasure, granted not as much as it isn’t mid-engine or RWD.

Celica MK7

Supra MK4 – This is purely there due to the fact that is such an icon and a definite tuner car, there is such a range of mods that you can do to it. I would look at getting an aero top/targa top version having had a T-bar MR2.


Celica MK1 – It is a Toyota, looks like a mustang with the fastback design and can be restored so nicely like this example.

GT86 – On my list at the moment as I like the look of the car and it is currently the only sports car in the Toyota line-up.


2000GT – Any Toyota fan must have this in their list, recently one sold at auction for $1.16 million. Only 351 were built and it featured in James Bond, You Only Live Twice.



Caterham Roadsport 125 – Classic shape, styling and a kit car, what’s not to like! I would order the kit and build it myself of course, cannot understand why someone would by a Caterham 7 and have it factory built!


Ultima GTR/Sports – Probably my dream car at the moment, there is so much you can do to it as it is also a kit car! Also one of my favourite bloggers and skiers, Jon Olsson had one and customized the body on it as well as the engine. He now has a completely custom car designed with Leif Tufvesson but I can only aspire to that. (The Sport is the old design, GTR is the new design.)


Ultima Can-Am/Spyder – This is the convertible version of the GTR and having had a T-bar MR2 and am pulled towards this but it has a lot better performance so I wouldn’t want my face blown off so would have to drive it and see what the air flow over the cockpit is like. (The Spyder is the old design, Can-Am is the new design.)


Morgan 4/4 – Classic style and British built, granted it is made up of a lot of wood but that adds to the character, after all it is the oldest production car.


BAC Mono – Huge fan of this, such a track specific car but why not, if I could I definitely would but at the moment that is a little out of reach, not as far as the Toyota 2000GT but still a lot of money: over £100,000.



VW Polo MK4 – This is the only European car on my list and that is because it is my first car and I am a little too attached to it. I really don’t want to get rid of it but intend on buying the MX5 from my mum (as it is another car on my list) and buying Will out of the MR2 next summer so would have 3 cars which is just ridiculous so I need to put a little more thought into that and if I keep it.


MX5 – This is on the list as it has such a huge fan club and won so many awards for being one of the best, if not the best, roadster of all time. Will and I were torn between buying this and the MR2, obviously we went for the MR2, but I would love to own one of these as well and really see the difference myself.


You may have noticed that there aren’t that many any supercars, hypercars or the like on this but that’s just my preference, I know Will has a completely different list, starting with imports like mine but going towards the European classics: MR2 MK2, Civic Type-R, 200SX, Skyline R33, Mustang GT Bullit, GT-R and Diablo.




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