Need something to do…

As you may have noticed from lack of blog updates not much has happened in the last few days. Uni has been very quiet as I have only had four lectures and one lab so far this week so very little to do in terms of uni work. In the mean time I have been organising my finances and online window shopping, made a nice short list of what I want to buy/do this year. Sadly I don’t think I will get to go to BUDS with the Snowriders on the 7th – 9th next month but we have a social on the 4th so not too worried, saves a lot of money as the ticket alone was £110.

In the process of online ‘window’ shopping I may have ended up buying a new douchebag! I thought I had to grab myself a Base 15L so hopefully that will arrive at the start of next week, maybe even this week if I am lucky. I should also be receiving my ‘douchebags coming through’ stickers at some point but I can’t remember if I had them sent to my home, uni or work address. On the subject of douchebags, I am still awaiting a response about my broken Hugger 35L, may call them up later this week to speed up the process. There is a one year warranty on all their products so it should be a simple return and replace I think/hope (might even get the new version in its place, but that is very hopeful!). I decided to go for the ‘Pitch Black’ model (on the left):

Screenshot (145)

As I only had one lecture today I decided to sort out my music, I downloaded 13 new songs and created two new playlists with them in. One playlist is just the ‘recently added’ songs and the other is a mix of 100 new and old songs. New song album covers:

Screenshot (146)

I have also had enough time to go through all my ski kit and have decided to sell two ski jackets and three sets of goggles, may also sell two back protectors but will leave them for now. I plan on putting the money I get from selling it all towards a new set of goggle, the Oakley Flight Decks of course! I am selling an Oakley Performe jacket in purple and grey, a grey Orage jacket (unsure on model), a set of Smith Scope goggles, my Dragon NFX goggles from last season and my Oakley Tanner Hall Signature Series Canopy goggles from 2012. Here are the goggles and Oakley jacket, still trying to get my Orage back from a friend:

20141022_200813_Android 20141022_200825_Android

I have also been watching a lot of Numb3rs on Netflix and am now on season 5 of 6 so will probably finish it in the next week or so, Will and I also found a funny car build series on YouTube last night that you might want to check out. They are only part the way through the series so that will hopefully tide me over after I finish Numb3rs and before the next Might Car Mods series starts. Here is episode 1 of ‘Project Binky’:

As you can see from the length of this post and my last (Car List) I have had a little too much time, hence why I need something to do! I have tried to break it up a little with pictures but it is still a lot of text so sorry about that.




  1. Love the new douchebag, however I think I would have gone for the ‘dusty white’ colour as I think it stands out more! Also, what were the 13 songs you downloaded?


    1. I preferred pitch black, fairly close match to last year’s conservative black which all my other bags are so it can becomes part of the ‘set’, my OCD may have effected this slightly. I downloaded: all about that bass, bullit, bump & grind, centuries, dirty love ft. Talay Riley, figure it out, I know, my head is a jungle, never say never ft. ETML, slow acid, turn up the speakers, walking with elephants and wild child.


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