Ski Kit Update

Second update for today, as you may have seen in previous blogs I always have a list of things I want to buy and usually buy them fairly quickly which doesn’t help yet I still don’t have a job so am living in my overdraft!

To try and stop this I decided the best way to afford new ski kit, namely a set of Oakley Flight Deck Goggles, is to sell all the kit that I have had over the last few years and never got round to sorting out. I mentioned in ‘Need something to do…’ that I was going to sell some goggles and jackets and I got round to actually posting them up on the Snowriders pages on Facebook and have already had interest in the Oakley Canopy’s which is good. Hopefully I will sell the others soon too as I have added even more to the list of things I want to buy at the moment! I want the goggles and also a new set of sunglasses so I put my current ones up for sale too. If you are interested in any cheap kit go and check out my Facebook page here. I finally set up my new Oakley account so I have them saved in my basket but here are screen shots of the goggles and sunglasses I want:

Flight Deck, Jade-Iridium PRIZM lens and a black strap with white logos.

Screenshot (151)

Holbrook, Jade-Iridium lens and matte black frame with white logos.

Screenshot (152)

I am also excited about my most recent purchase as it should arrive on Monday, the Douchebags Base 15L. Really looking forward to opening this and using it as the Hugger 35L I am using currently as my everyday bag is just a bit oversized. Sadly I still haven’t had a response about my broken Hugger 35L so I sent off another email yesterday and will hopefully get a reply soon and sort it out! I intend on doing a big blog/review on the unboxing and first use of the Base 15L so keep your eyes peeled for that popping up on Monday.



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