Uni Update

Having a nice and relaxing day today, only a few of us in the flat so I’m not rushing around or competing to use anything and can have my music as loud as I want! So I have a few updates to do today; firstly an update about Uni and how it’s going.

At the moment it isn’t too bad at all, the work load is building up but I am coping fairly well. We have a few reports due over the next month or so that we are working on in groups and I have done a lot of my parts already and so i am just waiting to meet with the rest of my groups to see how they are doing. We also had our first lab mark back and I got 96% which is pretty damn good, however we have a class test next week in the same module and our lecturer seems to think we all won’t perform as well as we did in the lab based on our performance in lectures which has me a little worried.

Yesterday there was a meeting for anyone interested in helping with Formula Student this year, Will and I went along to that to see what they were doing and will hopefully get involved in the engine build/tuning and the aerodynamics for this year’s car. Here is Leeds Uni’s old Formula Student car:

formula student

And that’s about it on the Uni front, not much happening at all, tickets for the Snowriders 2nd social went live earlier this week so that should be good but it isn’t until the 4th next month. Also go and check out Emily’s blog (Half Student, Half Cake) as she has put a few more posts up recently.



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