Productive Day

So I had a complaint earlier from one of my course mates, and it appears avid blog follower, that I have not posted anything in the last day or two so I thought I would indulge him with a post, here you go Olly.

As the title suggests it has been an extremely productive day so far; I have had 2 lectures this morning, both of which I actually paid attention to and also made some notes in one, amazing! After them I came back to the flat to find my eagerly awaited parcel (more about that in a second) and then headed off to Costco to do a shop for myself and also grab some stuff for the flat so quite busy few hours compared to the last few weeks.

And now onto the more important event of today, IT ARRIVED! I have been wearing my ‘Where is my douchebag’ t-shirt today in anticipation of it’s arrival and I came back from lectures this morning to find a small black plastic bag sat at my door with douchebags across the front.


As you may know there has been a lot of anticipation over me getting this bag and I finally have it and it is all I have made it out to be, amazing. Having unpacked all my Uni work from my Hugger and swapped it with the broken one (still no response on that) I started to explore and fill my new back. It is so easy to access and so compact yet still fits a lever-arch file, and everything else I need at Uni, couldn’t have asked for more.


I also had a little surprise in the bag, a new sticker. If you don’t know I love stickers and have them on everything: my laptop, car and ski helmet being the most notable. So that was quickly stuck to my laptop after removing a few damaged old stickers, hopefully my ‘douchebags coming through’ stickers will have arrived at home so I can get one on the Polo.


(I intend on putting a new Inspired sticker on the bottom right but can’t decide what I should have top right, have had GoPro stickers there but they just delaminate.)

I must also say I do like the new leaflet detailing all the different bags that douchebags do, very tidy and different.


20141027_142805_Android 20141027_142814_Android



New booklet opened:

20141027_142947_Android 20141027_142943_Android

It also looks like I might have sold my Oakley Canopy and Dragon NFX goggles so that’s a step towards my new goggles and sunglasses.

That is all for now I think, I have a seminar I need to prepare for at three but that is it, hope this is adequate Olly.



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