New Hugger 30L!

The best thing about today was that I got a reply from douchebags about the broken Hugger and as the title suggests I am getting a brand new 2014/15 Hugger 30L in Pitch Black! I was given the options of an identical replacement (new 2013/14 Hugger 35L) or a 50% discount but instead asked if it would be possible for me to get a brand new 2014/15 Hugger 30L and pay a little extra towards it as I already have enough bags (for now anyway…). I got a reply saying that I could have a new Hugger 30L free which is just amazing! I will now have 5 douchebags: 1x Base 15L, 1x Hugger 30L, 2x Hugger 35L and 1x Hugger 60L. Hopefully my mum can repair the broken one and if not I will just use it broken or it will go into early retirement. That’s it on the douchebags front; I also went shopping for some new shorts today as I need some lightweight shorts with pockets (seems impossible to find any) but found some Armada Banks Tech Shorts, from last year I think, in blue and it appears I got the last set from Freeze Pro Shop so that was lucky. I am also happy to say I have sold the Oakley Canopy goggles.

The only work I have done today is one thermodynamics lab which was much quicker and easier than the one last week except for some of the data not fitting the right pattern which is a little annoying.

And just on a side note I saw this on New Schoolers the other day and found some of the comments particularly entertaining, you may only understand them if you ski but you can find the thread here.



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