Dirty MR2 and Lazy Days

I have had a few very lazy days in term of blogging, I just haven’t got round to doing any for ages! Need to get into the habit of doing them more often again. Had a fairly busy week in terms of work, we have a lab hand-in this Tuesday so I have been doing a lot on that and still have loads to do. We also had a test on Thursday which didn’t go too well, 46%… I managed to misread at least one question which then impacted the answers to the following 6 which wasn’t too good but we have another test in a week so I will hopefully do better in that, maybe pay a little more attention instead of rushing. I still have a 71% average having got 96% in the first lab so I am not too worried.

Anyway aside from uni work not much else has happened. Snowriders had an EGM on Wednesday about a new position on the committee which was good, we now have an extra Media and Merchandise committee member so will hopefully get more pics, videos, updates and stash along with getting the website and blog back up and running. We have the second social of the year this Tuesday as well that I am really looking forward to.

And I have an update on the stuff I bought last week; the shorts I ordered were out of stock, well actually they couldn’t find any in the warehouse so I have been sent a set in a different colour which isn’t too bad, would have preferred the others but oh well. Here are the ones I got:


I also only got them in a large not x-large as I originally intended but they are oversized already so is not a problem.

The new Hugger 30L should be arriving on Monday too so I will put a blog up about and changes/improvements compared to the old Hugger 35L that it has replaced.

And on a side note; I walked past the MR2 the other day and noticed it was a little dirt, ok well very dirty! Definitely needs a bath soon so need to get round to that and then we will probably start putting the cover on it ready for winter.


Not sure how well you will be able to see the dirt in those pictures, this one is a little more obvious:


And that is about it for now, not done much this weekend at all, had a chilled night for Halloween and avoided spending too much money on a night out. I have actually been amazed by myself for having actually done some example sheets but I have got very bored of them now.



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