Out of Step

So first off, sorry I haven’t posted anything for almost a week; my last post was Monday night and I have just been super busy ever since I didn’t even write a review about the new Hugger 30L!

So let’s start with the new Hugger, the first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was just how much a difference removing 5litres is. It is just so much smaller and more compact, granted it is bulky compared to the Base so that is still my day bag but I would be much happier using the new Hugger daily compared to when I was using the old one. Other things I noticed, some of which I liked and some I didn’t, were the addition if an internal zip pocket to the right side (the old bag has one zip on the inside that has 2 compartments on one side, the new two large single compartments on each side) this I like. I don’t like the change they have made to the back, yes the padding is much more comfortable but you can no longer tuck the straps into the bag when attaching it to a larger bag which I thought was an excellent idea. Those are the most notable changes along with resizing the handle at the top but all in all it is a lovely bag and definitely an improvement on the old version.

New and Old:


Back strap tidy (Old) vs. not tidy (New):


Larger handle on the old bag compared to new:


Mesh pockets on both sides in the new bag:


And only on one side in the old one:


The reason I didn’t post about the Hugger when it arrived (Tuesday) was because I had the second Snowriders social of the year, The Snowriders B.Y.O.F (Bring Your Own Fruit) Social which was mad. It was a Hawaiian themed party at Maluko and you were expected to bring a hollow fruit to have your cocktails from. It was an awesome night except for the fact that they had 4 bar staff on when we had told them 400+ people were coming so it was almost impossible to get served or get any of the free cocktails as they took ages to do anything, but other than that it was a very good night. I am very disappointed that I am not up in Edinburgh tonight with Snowriders at the BUDS ball but I am ‘trying’ to save money. Sadly I didn’t get any photos at the Social but if you want to check out the photos published by the Society here is a link.

I put trying in quotation marks earlier as the whole point of me not going to BUDS was so I didn’t spend too much/any money and that did not work out at all. It was one of my friends Birthdays so we decided to go to Revs for drinks last night, it was the first time this year Will has actually come out so I was on a mission to get him as drunk as possible which just lead to me spending way too much money and ending up smashed. But it was a good night none the less, ended up going down to Call Lane and was back by 2.

I have had a productive few days outside of Uni work too; also started up the job search again, was changing my CV and writing cover letter this afternoon so will hand them in at some point soon and hope! And yesterday I helped Will sort his computer set-up out; he has a monitor, iMac and PC all linked with a switch box to the monitor to either extend one of the computer screens or act as an Xbox display. I also set it up so he can use the same keyboard and mouse over both mac and pc which is sweet; uses a software called synergy.

I think that is it for now, will try and get back into the habit of writing blogs more often.



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