Another post about Douchebags…

Ok, I will try and stop all the Douchebag related post (or at least reduce the number) so this is the last one-ish…

I must say I felt like a Douchebags ambassador this evening as I was out on my BMX with my Base 15L bag and my “Where is my douchebag” t-shirt on. Sadly the pictures I took are awful due to the low light and bad weather, it is the UK so I can’t really expect much else.


If only they looked as good as Douchebags own published pictures:


I must say it would be much easier if I had someone taking the pictures for me but sadly I don’t have that privileged.

I also took a few landscape pictures to see how my phone camera andles the low light and they weren’t much better, possibly worse…


I called my dad up earlier to check the details and timings for this weekend (more about that in a minute) and also checked to see if I had any post, I do! The “douchebags coming through” stickers that douchebags did a sign-up for over the summer have finally arrived, there have been loads of questions to Douchebags and Jon on Facebook/Instagram about the location of the stickers so I am happy they have finally arrived. When I get home I will get one on the Polo (and MR2 if Will allows) and you will be pleased to hear that it will be the last post about douchebags for a while.

Back of Jon’s RS6:


Still sort of on the Douchebags front; Jon has just started his daily video blogs up again so they are definitely worth looking at, my favourite so far was probably blog 3:

I also noticed Jon has been wearing a black Douchebag t-shirt lately, check out his blog for pictures, so I am wondering when Douchebags will release their new clothing line. As well as waiting for Douchebags to release their new clothing line I am still waiting for Oakley to get the Jade Iridium Prizm Lenses in, still says the Flight Deck goggles I want are on backorder.

And finally away from Douchebags! It was Frankie’s birthday so I have been for drinks at his but didn’t go out to try and save some money. I went out for a few drinks on Sunday as a late birthday for one of my neighbours too, Mark, which was nice plus I only spent £10.

So this weekend I am off to Edinburgh with my family for my Aunt’s birthday (so many birthdays). Looking forward to seeing all my family and getting to blast home in the MR2 on Friday afternoon before getting the train up. Sadly it means I don’t actually get any time at home which is annoying but it does mean I don’t have to spend any money!

And that is it for now I think, still waiting for Olly to send me the picture he took of himself with the MR2 so I can post it up.



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