Dew Tour Athletes Announced

The athletes for this year have just been announced!

Dew Tour Invited Freeski Athletes

Men’s Ski Halfpipe

1) Wing Tai Barrymore
2) Aaron Blunck
3) Noah Bowman
4) Lyman Currier
5) Simon D’Artois
6) Justin Dorey
7) Simon Dumont
8) Alex Ferreira
9) AJ Kemppainen
10) Gus Kenworthy
11) Thomas Krief
12) Broby Leeds
13) Yannic Lerjen
14) Jon Anders Lindstad
15) Matt Margetts
16) Joffrey Pollet-Villard
17) Mike Riddle
18) Kevin Rolland
19) Evan Schwartz
20) Taylor Seaton
21) Lyndon Sheehan
22) Kyle Smaine
23) Benoit Valentin
24) Beau-James Wells
25) Byron Wells
26) Jossi Wells
27) David Wise
28) Walter Wood
29) Torin Yater-Wallace
30) TBA – December 6th

Women’s Ski Halfpipe

1) Maddie Bowman
2) Anais Caradeux
3) Rowan Cheshire
4) Annalisa Drew
5) Virginie Faivre
6) Roz Groenewoud
7) Keltie Hansen
8) Janina Kuzma
9) Devin Logan
10) Marie Martinod
11) Manami Mitsuboshi
12) Ayana Onozuka
13) Amy Sheehan
14) Brita Sigourney
15) Angeli VanLaanen
16) TBA – December 6th

Men’s Ski Slopestyle

1) Aleksander Aurdal
2) Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
3) Alex Bellemare
4) Willie Borm
5) Oystein Braten
6) Bobby Brown
7) Joss Christensen
8) Robby Franco
9) Vincent Gagnier
10) Nick Goepper
11) Henrik Harlaut
12) Russ Henshaw
13) PK Hunder
14) Gus Kenworthy
15) Chris Laker
16) Evan McEachran
17) Noah Morrison
18) Antti Ollila
19) Jeremy Pancras
20) Alex Schlopy
21) Jesper Tjader
22) Luca Tibondeau
23) Matt Walker
24) Noah Wallace
25) Tom Wallisch
26) Jossi Wells
27) Oscar Wester
28) McRae Williams
29) James Woods
30) TBA – December 6th

Women’s Ski Slopestyle

1) Nikki Blackall
2) Jamie Crane-Mauzy
3) Emma Dahlstrom
4) Keri Herman
5) Dara Howell
6) Julia Krass
7) Kim Lamarre
8) Devin Logan
9) Anna Segal
10) Kelly Sildaru
11) Darian Stevens
12) Katie Summerhayes
13) Yuki Tsubota
14) Kaya Turski
15) Maggie Voisin
16) TBA – December 6th


You can also find the lists on the Dew Tour website along with the snowboarding athletes, there are some discrepancies in the two sources for the Freeskiing athletes so they may not be perfect lists or some invitees have not yet responded as the Dew Tour site may only show confirmed riders, but don’t take my word on that.

Definitely looking forward to this year, no info yet on a live stream only showing what channels it is being shown on in the States so I will keep my eye out for a New Schoolers stream or the like. It will be the first major event of the season and first major after the Olympics so it will be good to see how/if the Freeski scene is going to change or if there hasn’t been too great an influence from the Olympics.



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