Drive Home

So I only had one lecture today and then drove home in the MR2 ready to go up to Edinburgh this evening. So I packed the MR2 up with the pile of Douchebags I had and headed off. The weather in Leeds was awful; rain, surface water and grey. I decided before I left that I wouldn’t need my sunglasses and the only reason to take the MR2 was that it had not been driven for a while properly (only short trips) otherwise I would have been in the Polo. I am so happy I was in the MR2. Coming through Yorkshire/Lancashire the weather was the same if not worse, at some points sheets of rain completely obscuring my view but once I was in Cheshire it was amazing. The sky cleared somewhat and there was sun, SUN! I drove the last half hour or so with the windows down and as soon as I stopped to fill up with fuel (more about that later) I took the roof straight off. Drove around town for a while then blasted home roof still down enjoying the drive.

My pile of Douchebags (you may have seen a similar photo yesterday on my Instagram):


And then all packed into the MR2 boot/frunk:


Here are some of the photos I took when stationary at lights (it is impossible to take pictures while driving by yourself):

DSC_0447DSC_0448 DSC_0446

Back to filling the MR2 up; I had heard rumours that petrol prices were low but I had not realised quite how low, Shell’s petrol was 123.9 and Sainsbury’s 122.9, so V-Power Nitro+ (yes I treat the MR2 to good fuel) was only 131.9 which was amazing so I filled the MR2 all the way up (£55) and I got a Lego Car!

Almost full tank (it never seems to show full):


Lego Car 1 (I intend on getting them all and the tanker):

DSC_0449 DSC_0454



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