DPS Cinematic: The Shadow Campaign

DPS Skis released their second instalment of The Shadow Campaign! Well worth I watch as much for the skiing as for the cinematography. DPS are the ski brand on the top of my wish list and have some amazing technology in their skis along with some ridiculous shapes and sizes. Here are the intro and first two episodes of The Shadow Campaign:

And here are their skis that want to get along with the others that I would like to complete my ‘quiver’:

Wailer 105 – this is the ski that I want at the moment as an all-mountain/backcountry single quiver ski

w105_pdp_tiptail_1.png w105_pdp_tops_2

Lotus 138 – this would be a dedicated back-country ski for the big powder days in Engelberg, I can never decide between the 120 waist and 138 waist Lotus though

lotus138_pdp_tiptail l138_pure lotus138_pdp_rockerl

Cassiar 85 – carving ski perfect for days in Scheffau

cassiar85_pdp_tiptail cassiar85_pure cassiar85_pdp_rocker

And of course I could talk about DPS Skis without mentioning the huge Spoons! I have seen a few people with them in Engelberg and they are massive, they are 148mm wide at the waist!

spoon_pdp_tiptail spoon_purespoon_pdp_rocker



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