Jon Olsson’s Cars

This post is for anyone interested in high performance cars, station wagons and body kits! So as you may know I follow Jon Olsson and he is absolutely car mad along with having loads of money to spend on them (he is also a skier). Here are some photos of his past cars:

2004 Gallardo


Murciélago LP640


Murciélago LP670-4 SV








He had his own custom car run from a manufacturer:


At the moment he has 2 cars I think:

Rebellion R2K

Audi RS6

950-Audi-RS6-jon-olsson-winter-snow-camo_DSC8660 950-Audi-RS6-jon-olsson-winter-snow-camo_DSC86031 950-Audi-RS6-jon-olsson-winter-snow-camo_DSC86431 950-Audi-RS6-jon-olsson-winter-snow-camo_DSC86841

This is the car that I want to talk about; as you can see it is pretty nice, for a station wagon anyway, but Jon has decided to do a complete overhaul and is getting a custom DTM inspired body kit made by Leif Tuvesson along with some work being done of the engine as well. I love the selection of cars he has and how he likes to make them all custom, especially what he is doing now, and hopefully one day I might be able to do the same but we shall have to see. The MR2 is more than good enough for now. Here are some pictures he released the other day of the progress of the work on the RS6:

DSC02558-950x633 DSC02560-950x633 DSC02562-950x633



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