Mass Update

I have quite a few updates to do today as I haven’t blogged in a while; the main thing though us the announcement of the B & E Invitational 2015 course and first invites! After that I also have updates on the Stubai Jam, a new Shell Lego model, my new Oakley goggles, clothing and I am sorry to say something about one of my Douchebags.

So first off; the B & E Invitational! The course preview went live yesterday along with the first 5 athletes invited:

Henrik Harlaut

Phil Casabon

Candide Thovex

Torin Yater-Wallace

Tom Wallisch

Here is the course preview:

The rest of the athletes are being announced on the following dates:

December 22nd – 5 invitees

January 26th – 5 invitees and winners of the 2 online contest spots

February 23rd – last 7 invitees

Really looking forward to this, one of the most anticipated events of the year! Last year was sweet, well worth watching the highlights or at least the short action clip if nothing else:

This weekend is the Stubai Jam and I am still searching for a stream to watch it on, if there even will be one, guess I will just have to wait and see.

I have had a fairly easy day today, only 1 hour spent in uni which is always good. We filled the MR2 up so I got to add another Shell Lego model to my collection, I got the start/finish line:

DSC_0615 DSC_0616 DSC_0618 DSC_0619

I also sorted out my goggles order. Cancelled the order with Oakley as they still haven’t got the lens in and ordered a different lens, the Prizm Black iridium lens instead. I am a little annoyed that I didn’t get my first choice but I am quite happy with the new goggles:


These are the two lenses, the Jade one is so much nicer and covers the section of the spectrum I would most likely be using them in.

main_59-797_flight-deck-snow-replacement-lens_prizm-jade-iridium_001_36879_psd_zoom main_59-798_flight-deck-snow-replacement-lens_prizm-black-iridium_001_36880_psd_zoom  oakley_goggletech_7

And finally a quick note about my Base 15. I have removed the pull cords that were on the zips as they kept on getting trapped inside the other zips so couldn’t be opened. See that wasn’t too bad, maybe a little Douchebags related stuff every now and them is ok.



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