USSA Grand Prix and Dew Tour Course

This weekend is the US Grand Prix at Copper Mountain which looks like a sweet line-up but is only Halfpipe sadly. It is the first AFP Platinum event of the season so we should get a hint of how the season is going to progress. I have seen a few videos on Facebook and the like of practice runs but nothing more formal other than the AFP & GoPro Course preview (it isn’t really a course preview and more just an intro video but that’s what they called it):

Here are the initial rider lists:

Freeski qualifying was yesterday so the results have already been published:

The other important announcement is the release of the Breckenridge Dew Tour Course for next week, go check it out on there website. And that is about it for now, will search for a few of the practice clips from the Grand Prix to post later.

Uni has be really busy lately with deadlines yesterday and today but now I have some free time to sort the blog and catch up in general. Only got one week left before holidays too! Need to get a few applications sent off for summer placements and I have a test next week but that is pretty much it in terms of Uni.

I must say I am getting a little worried about the snow conditions in Europe, there is hardly any snow in Scheffau and I am meant to be heading out in just over two weeks so I hope it dumps it at some point soon. This is what it looks like at the moment:

They also have a panoramic/rotating camera that you can watch here that shows just how little snow there is!

eibergtreff livebild



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