USSA Grand Prix Results and Last Weekend at Uni

USSA have posted the placing runs from all the events this weekend so I have now caught up with what happened at Copper, looks like it’s going to be an interesting season! Both playlists contain the top 3 runs from each discipline plus some interviews:



It has been a mad few days at Uni; we had the Snowriders pre-holiday social on Thursday night that was absolutely mental followed by a session at Cas on Friday that I don’t think a single drink was consumed at due to the state everyone was in from Thursday! I also had some friends from home over yesterday and ended up passing out at about seven, not my best performance. We didn’t even go to the beer tent at the German Market. Now I am trying to do some Economics revision for the test this week however that isn’t going very well as you can see from this update.

I am also happy to announce that there is snow in Scheffau and it is forecast to snow for the next few days! The lifts are meant to open on the 11th so well before we get there which is also good, here is what the webcams look like compared to the other day:





And you can watch the panorama here. They are also able to get all the snow cannons on which means more snow.



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