One of my friends commented that I hadn’t been posting enough about general ‘stuff’ and had got very winter season orientated in what I was posting about and having looked at the last few posts he is right so I thought I would indulge him and do a post about how life is going in general. When you start blogging you have so much stuff you want to say (as seen by the masses of posts and photos I put up in the first week or so) but then your resources dry up and you feel like writing about what you did that day, what you ate, etc. would just be boring to read so don’t bother updating so much. But anyway I will give it a try!

So far the last week of Uni for this term has gone pretty well; Monday was very relaxed as I only had one lecture, prep for the Buggy build we do at the start of next term and all I had yesterday was a two hour poster show about our Buggy plans so we could be assessed and I thought that went pretty well too with good comments for the majority of tutors and lecturers that view it along with course mates, we only had a few comments from the examiner too.

Today has felt very long, started with an Economics test that I think went very well, finished in twenty minutes (Meant to be an hour and a half test!), and having checked over the paper I am super happy with what I put and am only unsure on two or three questions out of the thirty. After that I came home for a bit before heading over to Terrace for drinks/lunch with some of the Snowriders and a few people from my course and just chilled for a bit, chatted about the test, last year’s results, not much really considering I was there for hours.

I think that’s about if for now, had some food and now it is back to watching House on Netflix (up to three, episode nine). I have a few lectures tomorrow and one on Friday morning then I am heading back home before going to work’s Christmas meal which should be good, nice to catch up with everyone. After that I have a family Christmas party on Saturday followed by going to see a play at my old school with my brother and then it’s work for a week (very boring to blog about; I doubt you want to know who picked the most notes each day, how many pallets I moved, that sort of stuff…) but after that I am going skiing!


2013-05-31 13.16.29

I am really looking forward to skiing, been too long since I skied, days and counting. I have been checking the webcams daily, if not more frequent that that, to see what the conditions are like.

Webcam from today:


And finally a note about the Dew Tour, go check out the Live Stream, you can find a rough schedule here too. And here is a practice day one edit from Danny Davis and friends:

Henrik Harlaut also released a ‘Getting ready for Dew Tour’ edit over on his website.



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