Week at Work

It has been a really good week at work, fairly busy but not too bad really, I don’t think I picked the most notes on any day but I am not too bothered. Got to leave early yesterday only to go to the dentist though, not the most exciting of reasons, but now I am on holiday! I gave all the guys at work their Christmas present, cakes today and they bought me a bottle of Vodka, can’t complain. Dropped the MR2 off with Will last night and he now has it for the next two weeks as I am going up to Edinburgh straight after I get back from Scheffau. All packed already; as you saw earlier in the week I was pretty much packed by Monday night.

Douchebags ready to go:


Whole family’s hold bags (gave my brother my old Helly Hansen duffel bags, a 50L and 90L, after I upgraded to my Douchebags!):


I have driven the MR2 quite a bit lately, a lot last weekend and then to work on Wednesday and Thursday which was really fun stretching its legs out before leaving it with Will over Christmas when it might not get as much use dependent on the weather. Going round to Will’s in a minute to discuss the future of the MR2 as it seems to be pouring oil everywhere since I gave him it yesterday, not good! We may sell/scrap it to cover our losses and get some money back on the insurance. Anyway on a happier note I got the last two Lego models yesterday! Finally completed the set and just in time as I think the promotion only goes on until the end of December.

New Models:

250 GTO:

DSC_0739 DSC_0740 DSC_0743 DSC_0745

512 S:

DSC_0751 DSC_0750 DSC_0749 DSC_0748 DSC_0747


DSC_0752 512 S DSC_0746 GTO 250

And as I haven’t done one yet the F138 comparison:

DSC_0709_flip F138

I will do a full array of the models when I am back at Uni as I left the rest there!

Thought I would try and keep the work blogs to a minimum but from today I am aiming for a daily blog during my holiday so enjoy!



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