Arrived in Scheffau

I tried to post this last night but had a nightmare with the Wi-Fi and my phones data which just added onto the stress of the trip; we were meant to leave at 11 but didn’t leave until well after 12 which meant we were stuck in huge queues to check-in, thankfully my uncle and aunt were there earlier so we joined them in the queue then flew through security and into the lounge. I ended up spending about 10 minutes in the lounge and didn’t get any food or drink as I went and looked at the Sony QX10 on the way, I have looked every time I have been through the airport in the last 2 years or so. I then went and chatted to my parents about it and they said they would help me buy it so I ran down from the lounge to find that the shop had closed! So that was very annoying and meant I didn’t get any food or drink or get my camera and also didn’t really need to wear any smart shorts as I didn’t spend enough time in the lounge, normally you have to wear smart-ish clothes as you are not allowed in in sports shorts, my Armada shorts. So for a journey that should have been super quick and easy; leave home at 11, arrive at the airport at 12ish and go to the lounge for an hour at least, it was suddenly a mad rush (thankfully we did have the fast track through security). Having looked at prices of the QX10 I may just buy one anyway after I am back from my holiday as they have reduced in price (£127 from John Lewis), sadly I won’t have it on holiday but that can’t be helped, now I just can’t decide which colour (definitely not getting the pink of brown ones so not even putting them as options). Granted it isn’t as cheap as the airport but I am not too bothered.

5ad063586106583f0c6515355f524b0b d41763d40b33b5c5fec334368d54eb4d

Airport Price:

wpid-wp-1419124314400.jpeg wpid-wp-1419124327451.jpeg

But anyway I am now in Scheffau after a long day, the flight was good as I got moved to the emergency exit rows so got extra leg room, much better. We met up with my aunt and uncle again on arrival last night as they are staying in the same hotel. It was odd flying into Salzburg as we have flown into Munich every year since I can remember but it didn’t really add on much time I don’t think, just meant I didn’t recognize the route we drove.

And of course, as I mentioned on Friday, I used my Douchebags! I try to restrict the amount of stuff I bring with me as it just starts adding up and I pack completely unnecessary things so my hold bag was the 60L Hugger and I then used the 30L Hugger as my cabin bag (as you saw from the photo yesterday):


My empty bags ready to get tucked away until we leave, they fitted together so nicely:

DSC_0820 DSC_0822

I left the Base 15L at home as I use my Dakine Heli Pack 11L when skiing as it has chest and waist straps and fits all my avalanche kit in comfortably. I use the Hugger 60L instead of a Big Bastard as I prefer having shoulder bags to trolley bags as I find them so much more comfortable and simple.

Right now I am about to head for breakfast and then to get my skis and lift pass sorted so I can go skiing asap.



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