Day One – Ski Gear

Had a really good first day considering the huge lack of snow, thankfully it was only at the bottom not the top:


But I also got some really nice pictures too:

DSC_0828 DSC_0834 DSC_0837 DSC_0839

Super good to get back on skis! I thought I would start the week with a list of what kit I use; I have actually had this post in the making since Tuesday but decide to wait until I was actually skiing and had chosen on what skis to use before I posted it. As today was the first day it was spent in a big group (all 10 of us) getting comfortable back on snow, also gave me a chance to try out my skis. So here is a list of my current gear for this season/holiday, some is new some is a few seasons old. Starting from head to toe: Helmet:

POC Receptor Bug


Goggles: Oakley Flight Deck (Black Iridium PRIZM Lens)


Face Masks (vary depending on conditions): AWSM Neck Warmer, Inspired/Buff Colab Hoodie, Paisley Bandana


Jacket or Hoodie: Sweet Protection Streetfighter Jacket, Inspired Hoodie (3XL or 5XL)

6663_pic1c 62314779

Back Protector: Scott Compression Reducer


Gloves: Oakley Sadplant


Trousers: Westbeach Upperlevel


Boots: Salomon Quest originally (first picture) but now a set of Atomic Live Fit (second) as they have a much wider toe-box

325983 33018-atomic-live-fit-plus-ski-boots-xl

Skis: I really wanted to try the Salomon NFX LAB (first picture) however due to the bad conditions they haven’t got much of the new kit out so I am a pretty much brand new pair of Salomon Remix (second pair) which I skied last year and quite liked resizeImage.aspx Salomon-Remix-ski

Poles: Classic aluminium hire poles (no picture just in the main photo), can’t complain as I do bash the around a lot and definitely prefer them to composite poles

Avalanche Kit (not really used in Scheffau):

Shovel: Ortovox Pro Alu II


Probe: Ortovox 240 Light PFA


Transceiver: BCA Tracker DTS


Bag: Dakine Heli Pack 11L (Mt. Hood)


And here is another picture of it all as I couldn’t decide which was better:


As you can see from the featured image some of my kit is well used but I take great care of all of it and have got to the point that I am super happy with it all and don’t feel the need to replace any of it at the moment. I have also added in some extra bits and piece to make my complete kit like sun cream, sunglasses, GoPro, tools, music etc. You can also see that I attacked my helmet with a few stickers… I have always hired skis as I don’t ski enough to warrant having my own, it also means I get to pick what sort of ski I want depending on the conditions and I always get to try out new skis most years (the skis I have this week and brand new and unused from last season). It is also because I go to two resorts which offer very different types of skiing, Scheffau is very much aimed at family/beginner-intermediate skiers and is very low (highest peak is around 1800m) with wide slopes and kind gradients; whereas Engelberg is has much more aggressive with a huge amount of easily accessible off-piste hence why I prefer it, it is also much higher (village is at 1800m). This means that I would need a different ski each holiday, a narrow 90mm-ish waist for Scheffau and a 105mm+ waist ski in Engelberg.

The plan tomorrow is to head to Hintertux for the day which will be a first time for me so I am really looking forward to that but right now it is time to relax and have some food before starting to pack the Hugger 60L!



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