Day Two – Hintertux

Had an absolutely amazing day at Hintertux skiing on real snow rather than all the artificial snow machine snow they have in Scheffau. The snow up on the glacier was super grippy (best way to describe it) and meant you could lay down some really nice carving turns as well as there being a little bit of soft snow to the sides of the piste to have a play in. Going to Hintertux also meant I could add another map to my collection, my 4th (I had only ever skied in 3 places before: Engelberg, Scheffau and Val Thorens), which I can’t complain about. I got to try my new boots as well and they are so much more comfortable! The extra width and soft sections in the shell make such a difference, I know after the trip to Val Thorens at Easter I almost went and bought a pair of the Atomic Waymaker that I used then. And of course I got some photos:
DSC_0846 DSC_0847Took a few through the coach and gondola windows so they are not very crisp:DSC_0845 DSC_0854And a nice panorama:DSC_0849

I must also commend my Hugger 60L as it was a perfect size for all my kit and meant I only wore my Armada shorts and a t-shirt on the bus rather than all my kit and just pulled my trousers over the shorts when we arrived (just what they were designed for).


It has been as really busy day for announcements and releases today; another 5 athletes have been announced for the B&E Invitational as well the Swatch Skiers Cup teaser being released along with the booking for the Leeds Snowriders Landgraaf/Amsterdam Trip! Sadly I am not going to Amsterdam as I want to save as much as possible ready for the Val Thorens Easter trip release in January but I bet it is going to be an awesome trip, sounded like it was selling out pretty quick.

The B&E invitees:

Sammy Carlson

Adam Delorme

Rory Silva

Émile Bergeron

Noah Albaladejo Hensens

Who will be joining Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Candide Thovex, Torin Yater-Wallace and Tom Wallisch making it an absolutely stacked line-up with 14 more riders to be announced!

Here is the Teaser for the 5th Swatch Skiers Cup:

Going to miss JP Auclair captaining Team Americas. I am really looking forward to see who wins as it is all tied up at 2 all.



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