Day Three – Sun

As my family say it was ‘Christmas jersey weather’ today which for me means a 5XL Inspired hoodie, so comfy! But honestly it was super warm; 8 degrees Celsius all day pretty much with blue skies with maybe a few wisps of clouds. Skied quite a lot as I was up on one of the first lifts just after 8:30 and didn’t get the lift down until 4. According to Skiline (logs you going through the turnstile at each lift) I went on 33 lifts, skied 52km and covered 8,426vm which isn’t too bad. I topped out at 91kmph according to my GPS ski app (iSki Tracker), not as fast as my 109kmph yesterday in Hintertux but then again there was a lot more space there and much nicer snow. The fastest I have ever recorded is 139kmph, which was in Val Thorens at Easter. Sadly the park hasn’t been open and I doubt it will be all week, a few people have dug in one of the boxes and some gas pipes so I might hit them later in the week. Took quite a few pictures, especially of the Wilder Kaiser (group of peaks opposite the ski area) amongst others.

DSC_0859 DSC_0862 DSC_0866

Due to big queues to get down the mountain as the run down is closed due to lack of snow I decided to go in the old gondola which was a nice change:

DSC_0868 DSC_0869 DSC_0874

View of the new gondola and the end of the Wilder Kaiser:

DSC_0872 DSC_0880

It was funny looking at the other side of the valley where the run from the village to the gondola station normally is as the patches from the snow cannons made it look like a golf course:


And a quick shout out to klutched on Newschoolers for the Thorin Yater Wallace/Torin Oakenshield picture and description:


Check out the picture on Newschoolers here and read the details below it. Here is the original of Torin Yater Wallace (or at least an educated guess at the likely original):


Also for anyone interested Jon Olsson is running a competition until 1800 tomorrow to win a Slim Jim (single ski bag from Douchebags) all you need to do is comment on the post saying why you should get it; I personally don’t need one at the moment (I have no skis of my own) and if I bought a ski bag would definitely get ‘The Douchebag‘, the original Douchebag.

Finally… Will believes that the problem with the MR2 is a split head gasket which would be a pretty big job to try and replace so I might get some quotes on how much otherwise I think we will be selling/scrapping it and getting the money back on the insurance.

So the plan is to head to Kaprun tomorrow which should be good, another glacier, and it will also mean I can add another map to my collection so I will update you all on that when I get back if I have time as we have a busy evening tomorrow as it is Christmas Eve.



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