Day Four – Kitzsteinhorn

Very late post as I was out at my cousins apartment while our parents had a big meal for Christmas Eve, normally we all go for a fondue but it was fully booked. So anyway, my dad and I headed over to the glacier at Kitzsteinhorn today; we were meant to be going with my cousins and uncle too however the coach was full so they couldn’t go which was very annoying. The snow was much better than Scheffau is at the moment however it was quite busy, especially compared to Hintertux so wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Our aim of the day was to go on every lift; we achieved it by the very end as we left the cable car up to the very peak until the then and it took ages to get on and when we eventually got up we had to get a mountain train down before actually reaching the ski area! After waiting for lifts for over an hour we had to raced down to the bottom to join the queue to get down in time for our bus, we had a mad panic but we made it with enough time to sort ourselves out before getting on we just didn’t have time to get our 2€ deposit back on our lift passes. My favourite runs from today were ski route X1 (there was a layer of soft snow almost the whole way down without too many moguls which was amazing) and 5a/b (snow was nice and grippy and they weren’t too busy). The dotted line with a red diamond on the left near the top:


And that is about it for today, only a small update. Here are the photos and I have now added another map to my collection:


DSC_0887 DSC_0888 DSC_0890


DSC_0885 DSC_0886



And as you can see the weather was lovely except for the wind at times.

On a side note I watched Tanner Hall’s 2013-14 Season edit while I was at my cousins (their Wi-Fi is much quicker than ours) and it has some bangers in it but I couldn’t seem to embed the video but you can watch it here. I also watch a video one of the Snowriders posted to get everyone stoked for the Amsterdam trip which is also worth a watch:



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