Day Five – Christmas

Today was amazing, after all who complains about being able to ski on Christmas Day! Had an absolute blast the only downer being the poor visibility, very grey as the clouds were really low but it was snowing so that is always a plus. I have already had my Christmas presents from all my family, details in ‘Early Christmas‘, so all there is to comment on is what I got in my stocking from Santa. So I will do a full inventory just for you Ed:


There was a strong penguin theme; penguin door wedge, light, chocolates and ice scraper along with a Volkswagen Camper calendar, a bag of chocolate coins, an orange and some new laces.

So as I said I had an amazing day skiing but the weather wasn’t all that good as you can see by the few photos I did take it was clear at times and the sun looked like it was going to come out but we had no such joy:

DSC_0893 DSC_0894

I found an article yesterday that I really liked and forgot to mention so thought I would put a link in today, it is all about the endangered breed of ‘Lifties‘ and is well worth a read if you have time however not everyone will understand it. And finally a little Christmas present from Phil Casabon that he posted today:

And a quick shout out for the new Snowriders website! I have found at least one spelling mistake already…



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