Day Seven – Last Day

Early post today as we are heading home in a bit; fairly slow last day, up early-ish (8:45 I think) and skied quite a bit then met up with my family at about 10 and skied a little more before heading for an early lunch as it was freezing! Had a long lunch then headed over to get the lift down as we need to be down by 2 so we are packed and ready at 2:55 for the coach to the airport.

It was a very grey day again but the clouds were much higher than the last two days which meant it was clear but it just felt bleak. I went through the park a few times yesterday and twice today but it wasn’t the full park, only about 4 features, so I just hit a little box and that was about it. Didn’t film anything of me on my GoPro over the whole holiday as there wasn’t enough snow at the start of the week and it was dead when I wanted to use it yesterday, I was not happy as I was first up and there was a little powder! However I did film my cousin for his GCSE PE. I took a few pics today:

It looked nice at the start of the day:


Grey panorama:


It was just grey really…

DSC_0929 DSC_0928 DSC_0926 DSC_0927 DSC_0930

That’s about it for now, just packed up ready for the coach to the airport. Had a look at the Oakley Factory Park Glove as we were leaving Hansi’s (the hire shop) to replace my Oakley Sadplant gloves as they are well used and have a small hole in but I decided not to get them as they are not really needed at the moment and the only reason I really looked was because I had 40€ to spend, cost 39€, but I think I will just keep it for Easter. Might by the gloves at home in the sales next year, just had a look now actually and I can get them cheaper from Freeze Pro Shop here and in a better colour (the Aubergine colouring is much nicer than the Grigio Scuro, Black or Skydiver Blue).

Current gloves:


Gloves available at Hansi’s:

oakley_factory_park_gloves oakley_factory_park_gloves_1 oakley_factory_park_gloves_3

Gloves I will probably buy:


Squeezed everything into my Douchebags ready to go, now I am just having a drink looking at Facebook etc. waiting for a new coach as the one that just arrived is broken, good start to the journey home…



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