Finally Home

Got home about an hour ago after out flight was delayed on top of having to change buses at the start of the transfer due to problems, not the best journey! A lot of time was spent staring at the departure screen:


The flight was actually fairly empty and I moved to the emergency exit seats again so got extra leg room. Spent the flight sorting out my iTunes and watching season one of the Faction Collective along with Afterglow and Half Way Home by [Unity] Productions.

DSC_0935 DSC_0934

But eventually we got to Manchester; my happy Douchebag on the conveyor belt:


Ended up using the ice scrapper I got for Christmas on my Dad’s car when we got back as the boot was frozen shut! Now we are home and I have already started washings ready to go to Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon, not much time to get sorted at all. Now it is time to catch up on some sleep.



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