Off to Edinburgh

Having only got home yesterday I am already off again, this time to Edinburgh! Really nice to spend a night at home even if all I have done this morning is washings and packing; also had a chance to look at what skis I like at the moment along with a few other bits and pieces. It was super misty this morning however it has now brightened up and is really nice.

DSC_0938 IMG_20141228_135009 DSC_0940

My room:


Got some of my Christmas presents out, already used on set of laces.

DSC_0943 DSC_0944

Brought a bottle of Almdudler back with me yesterday, one of my favourite drinks, so have packed that for the journey up.



DSC_0941 DSC_0942

Ski kit and presents ready to go back to uni:


At the moment these are the skis I want; I also have a list of all the other kit I want too including a snowboard.

Blizzard Spur

_1200x0r_8A4110 00 001

DPS Wailer 105


Faction Candide 1.0


Also had a look at the Candide 2.0 but I would prefer the Wailer 105 for my middle width ski.


The whole ski kit list, pretty much just bindings for each set up along with poles (simple aluminium ones):

Screenshot (5)

Now I am about to leave for the station, expected to arrive at about 18:30 so hopefully the journey will go much better than our journey back from Edinburgh last time or our journey home yesterday. I have also started looking at Engelberg for Easter and it looks like we are going to head out for a week on the 5th of April which should be good and I will hopefully see Sophie who I met while skiing there a few years ago, will just have to see if these plans take shape.



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