Spending Spree

I have gone on a bit of a spending spree this weekend/past week but I have also cleared out some of my old clothes and need to take an empty box to Uni and sort all the stuff I didn’t bring back home, mainly the ridiculous amount of hoodies I have (and I just bought more)! I also popped into the old and new Sail and Ski shops in Chester, to see if they had any nice stuff. Ended up getting some new ski socks, paid for by my mum, as it turns out my mum managed to shrink mine while washing all the ski kit (granted it was partly my fault for not doing it myself but I wasn’t going to do a woollen wash for two pairs of socks). Also grabbed a copy of Sequence Freeski Issue 4 and a Black Crows catalogue for this season.

Tall T Productions Logo Crew in Charcoal (got this in 5XL as my Inspired hoodie is super comfy so I decided I wanted another top that size and I can also ski in it at Easter, it also had a 25% discount on it for New Year. Of course I also got some stickers, always need stickers!):


Oakley Factory Park Glove in Aubergine (decided I was going to change/upgrade my gloves and got these really cheap from Freeze Pro Shop due to my loyalty points and Snowriders discount, much better idea than buying the wrong colour at a higher price while on holiday):


Odlo Hoody Spotlight in Graphite Grey (saw Jon wearing this and absolutely loved it so decided to invest in one, went to have a look and they had sold out of half the sizes already):

HL_Tor_1415_570182_60056_A IMG_6715-950x712

Now I have to stop spending and start saving ready for the Snowriders Val Thorens trip at Easter, can’t wait, just need to make sure I get on it as it sells out so fast (in about an hour or so usually). There are so many links in this post!



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