One of those days in 24hours

Not updated the blog in the past few days as I have been at work and I am super tired, I have been watching a little too much on Netflix and after this I am going to watch the first two episodes of Agent Carter (Marvel’s new TV series).

Really enjoying work as it gives me something to do; felt like I was losing my mind last week with nothing to do/no structure. Had a nice chat to one of the Uvex reps today and decided to have a look at their current winter collection and they are doing some really interesting stuff; they currently have 4 different lenses/goggles in the 4 is more range, some are similar to others on the market (magnetic lens attachment) and others similar to some prescription glasses (light sensitive lenses) but they are also doing other stuff and applying it in a whole new way. I would love to try a set of the Varios (even though I only just bought a new set of goggles for this season), here are the videos for each and check out their website for more details on their helmets and goggles:



Take Off


I know I shared it on my Facebook page yesterday but I thought I would mention it again: Candide Thovex is meant to be releasing One of those days 2 tomorrow, there is so much hype about this after the original (below), I can’t wait to see what he does.

Continuing on the skiing front; the voting is open for the wildcard slots at the B&E Invitational over on Downdays for the European and Rest of the World, go check the edits out and cast your vote. I think my favourite was probably Monty’s edit (plus the fact he is British):

Just on a side note: Jon released a picture of some of the carbon parts for his RS6 the other day and they look sweet! He has had them made from a 4×4 weave rather than 2×2 (pretty much the industry standard) and commented that it is the same type of weave as Pagani and Koenigsegg.


And finally; my Odlo hoodie arrived today, looks super nice and definitely the right size. Now all I need to do is remember to take some boxes over to Uni with me to sort out the rest of my stuff. Still waiting on my other orders, most should be here by Friday before I head back to Uni.



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