Car Nightmare

Having sold the MR2, which we are still waiting for the refunds from the insurance and tax, I sent my Polo for its MOT this week and it failed! It has cost over £400 for all the work as I didn’t have time to do myself because I have been working and now it isn’t ready to be driven back to Uni this weekend. It went in yesterday and there was a possibility of it being repaired by the end of today however the supplier sent the wrong headlight unit so now I have to wait until Monday. The full list of faults:

  • Airbag warning light
  • Offside headlamp replacement
  • Split in offside CV boot
  • Leaking shock absorber
  • 2 worn suspension bushes

As I don’t have any pictures of the work being done her is one from when I was repairing the bumper and headlights over the summer (it is the other headlight that needs replacing, not the one I took out):


So I am now getting a lift or train back to Uni and I will sort the car out at the start of next week; only working mornings next week so might get the train back and drive it over one afternoon. As I may have mentioned, I have an aunt visiting this weekend so there is a possibility she can give me a lift over when she heads home on Sunday.

Today, however, wasn’t all too bad overall. I received my last delivery that was ordered to work (some drink pourers and a bottle opener from Barmans which is part of drinkstuff I think) which means now I am only waiting for one more delivery and that is from Tall T so will take a while as it is coming from the States, plus it is getting delivered to Uni anyway. And it was generally a good day really, last day of work before Uni.

Pourers and bottle opener:

29684 47076 54490



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