Buggy Build

I have had a super busy week since getting back to Uni hence the lack of updates; got back late Sunday evening after getting a lift over then just unpacked, moved back into my room and just got settled in really, probably the last time I relaxed until now. I have had early starts every day for the buggy build project, part of our Design and Manufacture module. It is build week (we design them before the holiday) and so we have had four days/mornings to get it built and ready to compete tomorrow! We were really quick to manufacture a lot of the parts compared to other teams so we had it pretty much built by the start of the session today which meant we had loads of time to test our program and check everything over; had a few faults in the first tests but it was going really well by the end. Here is the design from SoildWorks and the complete buggy:

Final DSC_0060

We got rid of the top sheets on the suspension as it was fairly rigid already.

And a little video of a test run, the aim is to get over the track as quickly as possible and then stop in the centre of the circles:

So when I moved back in I got a chance to put the new posters up that I had grabbed on holiday and in Sail and Ski along with my new maps, there isn’t much space for another map. I had to move a few posters around to have them all fit nicely and here is the result:

DSC_0067 DSC_0068 DSC_0066

As you know from my last post my car situation isn’t too good at the moment…well it has managed to get worse! I went and picked it up yesterday then drove it back over after finally getting it back from the garage after it’s MOT only for the dashboard to stop working (no lights at all) and now it isn’t even starting! I think it is just a loose wire but for now I am leaving it until after the buggy build and the deadlines this month.

Some of you may have seen on Facebook earlier that Candide released One of those days 2 today but if not here it is:

Shred Bots also released a little edit that I posted over on Facebook as well:



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