Buggy Competition Results

The competition was yesterday and sadly our buggy didn’t perform too well in terms of speed, however it finished pretty much dead centre on both runs which we can’t complain about! That means we get at least 24 or 25 marks out of a possible 30; here are the competition runs:

Run 1 (19.3s):

The program ramped the motors up from 30% to 80% and the remained constant until the finish with one side adjusting by 10% either way (up or down) to overcome any change in direction.

Run 2 (16.9s):

This program started at 40% and went to 95% with both motors changing up or down by 5% to adjust for any change in direction.

The fastest low power buggy had times of 8.5s and 10.1s but it also had a 50:1 ratio gear box compared to our 148:1, I would love to have tried ours with the other gearbox and also with the high power motors.

We did win a prize though; there were 4 main prizes awarded yesterday along with a second and third for each as well as an honourable mention in each category. There is a suspension test, with a representative from Jaguar Land Rover, on Monday which there will be a prize for I believe but that won’t be announced until later on in term. So here are the categories awarded yesterday:

  • Fastest Low Power Buggy
  • Fastest High Power Buggy
  • Best Design/Build Quality
  • Best LabVIEW Code (Judged by representatives from National Instruments, creators of LabVIEW and the hardware we were using, a CompactRIO)

Will’s team were the fastest low power buggy and also came third in the design/build quality category so won:

  • 1 box of Celebrations for coming third in Design/Build Quality
  • 2 Bottles of Montcadi Brut Cava, a box of Heroes, and a box of Celebrations for coming first in the competition.

My team were one of the slowest buggies to reach the centre (Zone 1) but the National Instruments representatives really liked my code so we won the best LabVIEW code category and the prizes were:

  • 1 Bottle of Montcadi Brut Cava, 1 Bottle of Montcadi Semi Seco Cava, a box of Heroes, and a box of Celebrations
  • 1 NI myRIO Notepad each (6 team members)
  • 1 NI myRIO each (when they get given to our module leader)

You can see more details about the NI myRIO here, put simply it is a basic (academic orientated) version of the CompactRIO we used in the build. I can now put that with my NI myDAQ which I won last year for the best code in one of our projects.



That is about it, had a fun afternoon/evening last night and a lazy morning today before doing some Mechatronics work. Now I am about to go and watch a film.



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